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Proofreading Services

Proofreading is the process of going through a piece of writing and looking for typographical mistakes in the style, spelling, punctuation and grammar of the piece. Proofreading picks up those silly typos and errors that tend to slip through when you have spent a long time working on an essay, proposal, CV or even a business card. When I proofread I make sure that the document’s layout is consistent.


Heavy or Substantive Editing Services

Substantive editing may end up being close to a rewrite of the original text, depending on the errors that are picked up. When I do heavy editing I address all the issues mentioned in proofreading but sometimes sentences may need to be restructured to improve the flow of the piece. Clumsy wording will be reworked and facts will be checked. Sentences that are written in the passive voice will be rewritten and titles or headings may also be reworked. Structural changes may be suggested and problems will also be pointed out.

Please note: I will need to see a sample of the writing to be able to gauge whether it needs proofreading or whether it needs a full copy edit.

Why Use Professional Editing Services?

The longer you work on a piece of writing, the easier it is for errors to creep in. A professional editor knows the common errors to look out for, which may include mistakes you have been making for ages, but weren’t aware of.

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