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Writing articles is an effective way to establish a company or business owner as a thought leader in their industry. Article writing is also ideal for search engine optimisation purposes because it enables you to upload fresh, new content on a consistent basis. Articles also help to convey a professional impression because they show that your business prioritises online updates.


Why Blog?

Sometimes clients do not want to apply SEO to their product or services pages. This might be because there aren’t enough words on the page or because some pages have been written with a person instead of a search engine in mind and converting them requires too much work. Blogging can help you to get around these problems by uploading optimised content on a regular basis and by focusing on topics that are trending and bringing in visitors.

Article Writing to Increase Traffic

For clients who want to increase online traffic through article writing I create a keyword strategy over a set period of time. The client can set the blog topics he or she would like to be covered or I can conduct market research to see what is trending in your industry. For the purposes of expediency, and because I do not like rewriting unnecessarily, a sketch of the proposed article will be provided to outline the scope of content that will be covered.

Blogging And Article Writing For Thought Leadership

Do you want to use your professional expertise to craft thought leadership articles? I can help you target your audience and engage readers with thought-provoking content that is styled to suit your brand. Interested? Get in touch with me and let’s chat.

Articles are quoted according to the amount of research and writing required. Bulk orders qualify for discounted rates. Please note that I write for readers and not only for search engines. As such, I do not bid for work.

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