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I am a copywriter who works with businesses, to help them define and articulate their marketing messages. Together we do amazing things like launch websites, create advertising campaigns and craft social media strategies that get people talking. We follow these bright ideas up with targeted communications campaigns that keep brands in line of sight and top of mind to enhance brand awareness and to sell products and services.

Victoria is a copywriter who loves the written word and everything to do with language.

She has experience in public relations and marketing, has worked with new brands, and successfully launched new companies. She has an avid interest in new and social media and enjoys learning and experiencing new things. She has a service-driven personality and a good sense of humour. She really enjoys writing about herself in the third person.

Victoria has a degree in English Literature. Her current literary heroes include Oscar Wilde, David Thorne and Dr. Seuss, although not necessarily in that order.

Frequently Asked Questions


What Does A Copywriter Do?

A professional copywriter can create, refine and reiterate corporate messages so that your brand speaks to your target audience. Yes, proper sentence structure, good grammar and a spell check are part of the job too but most people in your organisation should be able to handle that.

Where a copywriter can add real value is ensuring that your message appeals to your target audience and getting your audience to take action. Having customers reading and appreciating your material is one matter. Getting them to take action (i.e. sign up, make contact or buy from you) requires a totally different skillset.


How Can A Copywriter Possibly Know Everything About My Business?

I get this one a lot, most often in respect of article writing or blogging and, considering that my clients’ industries are all vast and varied, it is understandable.

So to get the obvious out of the way, a copywriter can’t possibly know everything about every business. But we research and read a lot. The ideal situation is for a copywriter to work in conjunction with a subject matter expert to produce original content.

Why would we want to do that?

Well, if you’d like your content to rank well in search engine results, it is imperative that we add authentic content. And that is difficult for me to achieve if I research content based on other websites’ content.


Sound good? Have more questions? Please get in touch with me and ask away.

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