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Social media networks can drive targeted traffic through to your website and widen your brand’s exposure to your target audience. Not all social media networks work for all business types and social media engagement needs to be implemented strategically to be effective.

Social Media Marketing | How To Make Friends And Influence People Online

You need a strong visual brand to compete in the social marketplace and you need to be active. In the same way that you can’t just build a website and expect it to draw attention, your social media strategy needs to be dynamic, responsive and a step ahead.

You also need a fair amount of content to be able to start conversations and get people talking about your brand. Blog articles are extremely useful for an online marketing strategy because they allow you to add to your optimised content and share it over social networks.


LinkedIn is a highly effective business-to-business channel that offers a targeted advertising platform.  I can help you create compelling pages for your professional or business profile and strategies to keep your business in your customers’ newsfeeds.


If you want to know who likes your product or service, or increase the number of people who do so, Facebook is the place to be. It’s ideal for business-to-consumer communications and it also offers targeted advertising packages to widen your consumer reach.


If you can sum it up in 140 characters and want to get into the what’s trending list, Twitter is one of the social networks you should be hanging out in.

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