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I am a professional copywriter in Johannesburg who works with businesses, to help them define and articulate their marketing messages. Together we do amazing things like launch brands, create advertising campaigns and craft social media strategies that get people talking. We follow these bright ideas up with targeted communications campaigns that keep brands in line of sight and top of mind to enhance brand awareness and to sell products and services. Read more…

What Can I Help You With?

Copywriting Services

The pervasive nature of technology means that you have the opportunity to speak, and listen, to customers and potential clients all the time. What tone of voice do you adopt? What are your clients reading between the lines?

Brand Strategy and PR

Once you have defined the professional tools you need to show and tell your brand story, where is it going to be publicised? Where is your target audience and how are you going to reach out to it? Let me help you with the answers to those questions.

Copywriting Services

Article Writing

Writing articles is an effective way to establish a company or business owner as a thought leader in their industry. Articles also help to convey a professional impression because they show that your business prioritises online updates. But, not everyone has the time or patience to research and write their own.

Proofreading & Editing

My proofreading and editing services will polish, perfect and make your words more credible. I can buff, rework and re-present content provided by industry specialists or take ideas and doodles and piece them together into something professional and to the point.


I have written ebooks for my clients in different niches and industries including parenting, health and wellness, technology, travel and the medical industry. I am as comfortable working with hundreds of pages as I am writing short, one-page articles. Let me handle your research, structure and content, and I’ll make light work of a project you find overwhelming.


As a ghostwriter I can research and pen any piece of writing on behalf of someone else. Sometimes I do this for other writers, sometimes I do this for businesses and on occasion I do it for professionals who have the experience but not the time or skill to put their thoughts into words.

Press Releases

Whether you are launching a new company to the world or want to announce a new product or service to consumers or trade partners I can extract the essential elements and ensure your communication is prepared professionally for release.

Adverts & Advertorials

Whether you want a punchy one-liner for an online advert or a convincing sales page for an advertorial or emailer, I can help. I can work with your designer or arrange for graphic design to complement my copy from within my professional network.

Travel Writing

I was privileged to start my professional career in the luxury tourism industry. I have extensive experience writing travel articles and commercial copy for online and print publications.

Website Copy

Your website is your corporate address on the World Wide Web. Does it invite customers to buy your products or services? Does it engage your online visitors? I work with clients, developers and agencies to produce content that is fresh, punchy and responsive.

Brand Strategy & PR

Corporate Style Guides

Your business needs its own clear voice to stand out in a sea of competition. I will ensure that your messaging is clear and consistent across all media, online and offline. Target the audience you want to reach using the most effective communication channels.

Search Engine Optimisation

As mobile penetration increases and the technology driving device development improves, it is increasingly important that all business websites are optimised for search. I have six years of experience in SEO and can help you with optimised content that is reader-friendly.

Social Media Marketing

Social media networks can drive targeted traffic through to your website and widen your brand’s exposure to your target audience. Not all social media networks work for all business types and social media engagement needs to be implemented strategically to be effective.

Website Development

So you can’t speak website? Well I can. Even better, I work on websites and talk to website  designers to make sure we’re all on the same page and that you get what you are expecting. I can tell you what will work and what won’t, and I know which questions to ask so that the  process runs smoothly.

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